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Hi there,

My name is Matt Uddenberg and I want to formally welcome you to Stravan Consulting LLC. This company is a platform for sharing 10 years of knowledge acquired on the front lines of the geothermal energy industry. I am excited to collaborate directly in the shared enterprise and technical challenge of clean energy project development.

Stravan is a Swedish word that means to endeavor or strive. This encapsulates the spirit of the clean energy industry today, where diverse groups of people are collaborating to overcome considerable obstacles and building solutions for the most pressing problem of our era: climate change. Without the creativity and persistence of scientists, researchers, engineers, community organizers and business innovators going back decades, the clean energy industry would not exist as it does today.

The most common power plants built in America use renewable energy sources, which include solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and hydropower1. Electric cars are becoming cheaper and more ubiquitous at a near exponential rate2. Productivity is decoupling from energy consumption, thanks to great strides in energy efficiency and digital technology3. However, we in the community should not become complacent. The current rate of innovation and growth will only continue with our creativity, diligence, and passion.

Stravan Consulting is ready to partner with you to find opportunities, pencil out details, and overcome the obstacles facing your business. Let’s build the solutions of tomorrow.


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